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The Draw: Update

The World Cup Draw has come and gone and we are quite pleased with the results! After a tense morning and countless back-and-forth texting between Grant and I, the stage has been set and our personal game schedule has been revealed.


Colombia vs. Cote d’Ivoire

Italy vs. Uruguay

Germany vs. USA

Russia vs. South Korea


Not too shabby if I do say so myself. After missing out on the seeing the USMNT play in South Africa, we are pumped to see them in action in Brazil, and seeing Germany while we’re at it, well we can’t really complain about that either. We have also applied for tickets for an additional knock-out game and will keep you posted on its status, but with a handful of great matches already in the arsenal, I’d say we are quite happy.

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The Draw

The World Cup draw is tomorrow! Because of the way the qualifying process is set up, we have had to plan our trip around certain stadiums and individual matches rather than getting to see certain teams. However, in South Africa we registered for games in which the highest seeds were playing, and ended up getting to see Spain, Brazil, and Argentina, among others. Sadly, no U.S.A. games.

This time around, we were a little bit unfortunate to only get tickets to 4 of the 6 games we entered the lottery for. However, a new lottery phase opens up after the draw, so we have another chance! Currently, our schedule looks like this:

6/17, Cuiaba: H3-H4

6/19, Brasilia: C1-C3
6/24, Natal: D4-D1
 6/26, Recife: G4-G1
Games we didn’t get tickets for:
6/22, Rio de Janeiro: H1-H3
7/1, Sao Paolo: 1F-2E
Don’t forget to tune in to ESPN2 tomorrow at 11:30am EST to watch the draw!

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