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Grant and David are brothers from Durham, North Carolina, who, much to the chagrin of their mother, came up with the equal parts fantastic and ridiculous idea of driving to Brazil for the 2014 World Cup. While overlanding is a relatively new passion they share, their love for both soccer and exploration is longstanding, and have fueled their dream for the ultimate adventure. Armed with an incredibly limited Portuguese vocabulary, swashbuckling good looks, and maybe a map or two, the duo will attempt to traverse the legendary Pan-American Highway in their trusty Landcruiser as they journey to the greatest tournament on earth. On the site you will find trip details, photos and videos, soccer news, and everything in between. Don’t forget to check it out for updates on their progress! Also check out Grant’s business doing freelance software development at Fugitive Labs.Penguins!

See you in Rio!

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  1. Karen Lovelace

    Hi David and Grant,
    Am so glad that Mr. Ulku-Steiner posted your story!! I was supposed to be working on my report cards tonight, but had way more fun reading your story! Goodness, your dad would be so proud of you both. I like to think he is right there with the two of you. In 2010, I was in Brazil during quarter finals of the World Cup with two other teachers from DA…. Anna Karol, a 4th grade teacher and Mrs. Peterson from the upper school. We were on a UNC World View trip to Brazil. We spent 4 days in Rio and then flew to Bahia..Salvador. Way out of our comfort zone, but an amazing trip none the less. The entire country shuts down during the games and people put televisions in the streets to watch. It was great fun watching in a bar or restaurant with the local folks. Take care and I am so excited for you both!!
    Warmest regards,
    Karen~Mrs. Lovelace

  2. Jae

    Hey Dave, it’s Jae from Soccer Without Borders! I didn’t get to give you my itinerary before you left…! So here it is- I’d love to see if we can meet up down there at some point 🙂

    6/9 arrive in Rio
    6/20 Spain v Chile in Rio
    6/21 Rio > Porto Alegre
    6/22 Korea v Algeria in Porto Alegre
    6/25 Porto Alegre > Sao Paulo
    6/26 Korea v Belgium in SP
    6/28 Sao Paulo > Iguacu
    I’ll be in Argentina during early July
    7/11 Sao Paulo > Manaus
    7/16 Manaus > Rio
    7/20 Rio > Boston

  3. Coach Lantzy

    Grant and David –

    I was just checking-in to see how your trip was going! I am glad to see that things are moving along nicely. BE SAFE and I look forward to your next update!

    Coach, Suzanne and Katherine!

  4. Coach Lantzy

    Grant and David –

    We are just checking-in on you guys and glad to see that your trip is moving along nicely. BE SAFE and we look forward to the next update.

    Coach, Suzanne and Katherine

  5. Jahmal

    you guys are awesome. It take a lot of courage to make this road trip you are on.

  6. Dap

    Which games/stadiums are you guys going to?

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